....nyla or lala~ she they+ female bisexual minor 15 black jamaican esjft libra

....i ❥ carrds, strawberry candy, horror movies, coding (to an extent...), girls, yoongi, nayeon, music, kpop!

i'm sometimes annoying and i do not give a darn, sorry?🤷🏾‍♀️

keke whi twt tiktok youtube for twice


....10- 18+ if we are not friends/moots. a bp stan. homophobes, racists. gore, nsfw and more. you speak over blacks and desis. white /hj. you stan people like mamamoo, loona. anti of bts. uses slurs. you stan omg.

....main/priv. i prefer the name nyla. i am a minor. please use my pronouns correctly. make sure to use tonetags while chatting w me. i dislike idols like bp, loona, mamamoo and more. i solo stan. on my twt, i make sure people i know follow me. i joke flirt a lot and i say kys and die. i'm also very annoying sometimes. i am black. make sure to look at aave, tonetags and also fonts.


....bts yoongi jin hobi twice nayeon tzuyu txt soobin red velvet irene seulgi itzy yuna ryujin stayc seeun sieun wjsn yeoreum kep1er bahiyyih nct xiaojun iu seulgi somi & more full stan list here

.... finn the loml (nyla luvs you all!) finn the loml, francis my bff, andrea, leanna, lexie, gray, percy, nyoshi, leo, val, dm to be added!!!!